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Sample Component Title

Sample TW Title

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Sample Component title

Sample Title

Welcome to the Training & Practice Site Section!

What we'll have you work on here:
  • Log into the CMS Admin Tool here
    • Do this by going to the link here and typing in your global credentials
  • Navigate to the Q-Team Site Section
  • Create a page with the following components:
    • Text Window Component
    • Board Meetings Component
      • Select one of the existing Event Groups in the CMS
    • Downloads Component
    • Event Calendar Component
    • Files & Links Component
    • Links Component
    • News Component
      • With a news article!
    • Photo Gallery Component
    • Script Window Component
      • Add an Embed Code - it can be of anything such as a YouTube video or Google Map
    • Video Component
    • Once you're done: Link your page in the Top Navigation's Custom Drop Down Menu under "Our Team" and let Clarissa know you're done!

We'll go through the other components separately as they are a bit more in-depth! Please see the resources section of this page to find some helpful resources to get you started!

***Don't forget to practice good content management skills!
This can include:
  • Using Internal lables/names
  • Proper Alternative Text
  • Paste Plain Text

Take your time with this project! Try out all the things you can think of with each component so you get a real idea for how they all work and what their limits are. Share your ideas and see what you can create.
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